According to Arsenal's official website, Arteta said in an interview that the team's left-back Tierney may not be able to play against Manchester City at the weekend.


As Tierney's Scottish teammate Armstrong tested positive for the new crown, Tierney, as a close contact, also underwent quarantine observation. Arteta talked about Tierney's latest developments in the interview.

当蒂尔尼的苏格兰队友阿姆斯特朗为新冠冕测试呈阳性时,蒂尔尼作为亲密接触者也进行了隔离观察。 Arteta在采访中谈到了蒂尔尼的最新发展。

Arteta said: “The situation becomes complicated when the players go out to participate in international competitions, because we cannot control their behavior, and the treatment of the new crown virus varies from place to place.”


"We are currently discussing plans with experts, and there will be results in the afternoon as soon as possible. We hope Tierney can participate in the weekend game."