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Netease Sports reported on October 1:


this year


He said that the outside world has a deep misunderstanding about him, "Some teams are talking about me, some general managers are talking about me, saying that I say this and that, but these are not true. And what I have to do is to continue to do it regardless Keep working hard on your own business."


"I am aware of a lot of comments from the outside world, but a lot of the truth will come to light. God will eventually let the truth come to light. Therefore, I have not been overthrown by these comments. I will continue to fight."


But he was very aggrieved. "Many times, I feel like I can't bear it. I went to TM. I have had enough, and I have had enough of lies and slander. I have had enough of others saying that I am lazy and that I am a bad teammate.

但是他非常委屈。 “很多时候,我觉得我无法忍受。我去了TM。我受够了,我受够了谎言和诽谤。我受够了很多其他人,说我很懒,我是一个不好的队友。

Howard did a good job in the playoffs this year, especially in the Western Conference Finals. He limited the Nuggets center Jokic's play well, and was even pushed to the starting position in Game 4 and Game 5. Since the playoffs, he has averaged 7.3 points and 5.5 rebounds per game, and his shooting percentage has reached 67.3%.


This year’s finals is very important for him, because it means whether he can win the first championship of his 16-year career. In the previous 2009 finals, the Magic he led was